School of the Future

“Chin on my two hands, from my mansard eyre,
I shall see the workshop with its song and chatter, chimneys and spires, those masts of the city, and the great skies making us dream of eternity”
Baudelaire, “Tableaux Parisiens”


Buildscape is a proposal for the school of the future that intends to create a new learning experience, one which goes beyond the individual classroom and challenges the prevalent pedagogic conceptions.

Buildscape creates space for a new emerging scholastic vision centered around cooperative research-based learning. The new campus will be composed of four academic arenas (Arts, Sciences, Humanities and Sports), where the students will learn mainly through projects and by collaborations with professional experts, dealing with real-world challenges.

The core unit of the design is the greenhouse, an experiential learning hub that brings together students, teachers and experts in communal academic workshops and promotes creativity, diversity, experimentation and growth.

Four greenhouses, in various sizes and orientations, constitute the heart of the school.
Buildscape reverses the relationship between building and landscape, flipping the solid greenhouses into voids within the built environment, creating a new hybrid, porous school typology.