About Us

Architect Ruth Ezroni, Graduated Architecture Studies B.Arch.  with honors, at Tel Aviv University (2012). Today works as an associate architect in ‘Ada Karmi-Melamed Architects’ and manages architectural projects of different scale and types, including educational, offices and residential buildings.

During the course of her studies and after, Ruth engaged in research of educational structures. Her strive for a change in the planning of the educational environments have led her to develop innovative concepts for school’s typology.

Her love to teach and her desire to create have led to a multi-disciplinary practice in education and architecture. Both disciplines involve construction; construction of the space as well as the construction of knowledge.

Awards and Scholarships:

  • First Prize in an architectural-educational competition named ‘Dreaming the Future School’, initiated by Jerusalem’s Municipality, 2018.
  • Winner of Fulbright Scholarship for Graduate Studies in the USA 2015/16, USA-Israel Education Foundation.
  • Rector’s Certificate of Excellence, Tel Aviv University (2010).
  • First Prize in “Shachar Ziv” Architecture Competition, Tel Aviv University (2011).


Consultants and Partners involved in the planning process of ‘Buildscape’ project:

Architect Maayan Kraus-Shamir, Graduated Architecture Studies B.Arch. with honors, Tel Aviv University (2012). Today works as an associate architect at ‘BLK Architects and Town Planners’.

Architect Peter Keinan, owner of ‘Keinan Architects’ and a former teacher at the Department of Architecture in Tel Aviv University and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Avital Geva, entrepreneur, educator and Artist. Avital founded the Ecological-Educational Greenhouse in Ein Shemer, a model of groundbreaking educational thinking. In 1993, The Greenhouse was elected to represent Israel at the Venice Biennale, and in 2013 Avital won the Life Achievement Award on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Israel.